Alien Invasion is Imminent!


Here is a Fox News Report on Tucker Carlson of Military Sightings of UFO’s

The Next Question Would Be, “Why Are They Here?”

UFO rumors and stories have been around for some time.  The events always seem just out of reach or you can’t really pin them down but recently things are changing.  You are hearing more stories about UFO’s because people are more willing to tell their story.  Do the stories now have the meet and potatoes we have been looking for or are they more rumors.  With all the Science Fiction in the Media and the immense size of the galaxy it makes it easier to believe that these stories might be true.  If they are true, then why are they here?

When I hear of a UFO story I don’t listen to the ones that could be anything.  I check for credibility and the source of that information.  For example here is a Fox news report below of military flight crew obtaining video evidence and eyewitness testimonial evidence.  When do we begin to acknowledge what is happening and take this subject more seriously.  If they are for real, and there is much evidence to suggest so, then “Why are they Here?” “Why do they seem to toy with us?”  Watch the Fox News Video below and if you want even more information listen to the short podcast.


Perhaps This will Tell The Story Even Better (Alien Invasion Is Imminent)



Now if you want to get to the truth behind all this just look at the central flashing Video Icon below and it will give you more information and a means to surely find out the truth.  It’s quite alarming, because it details what their plans are.