God’s love is the Fire that will Fuel the Coming Revival.


As more and more allow themselves to harness this fire of love, the Elijah Fire last day revival will spread quickly across the earth.

I was watching the Royal Wedding today and saw many important things.  For one was the uniting of an American wife with a Royal Husband.  The second was the ceremony itself had both Royal English Traditional Church Elements in it and a Southern Afro American touch as Bishop Michael Curry gave an awe inspiring message about God being love and how love is like a fire, and if harnessed, will make the world anew.  He spoke of Martin Luther King, but focused mightily on Love and what love will do for us and how it is tied into the marriage between the Lamb (Bridegroom) and his wife the (Church).

It was a stunning example of God lifting above traditions and feelings and ideas and through the uniting of these two God made his appeal to us through this Bishop.  God has plans to unite his church, lift us up, and rise to occasion of spreading his word, regardless of denomination, race, or culture.  Like a human body with many organs each with its own specialized cell type and job in the body, all work together under one Godhead, one Lord, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  This head is moving and inspiring his people as we speak.

Keep your eye on this coming revival, it is coming, very soon.  Watch as the Church begins to rightly unite, inter denomination wise.  God has to Unite us in his love, his power, and our faith, and it is all made possible through the blood of Jesus.  The enemy of the church has kept us divided as he knows a kingdom divided cannot stand, a house divided cannot stand.  How powerful will the revival be when we unite as one man, just like Israel did long ago.  For now, enjoy the video above.