Ukrainian Heroism

Courage In The Face Of Battle

Nobody likes War.  It's very disturbing as to what has been going on in the Ukraine vs. Russia War.  I remember it first breaking out within the first week, and I had a friend who would work in Ukraine and then go back home to England.  We heard all of the things he had to go through to get in there and get his loved one's out.  It was quite an ordeal.

But to much of our surprise, Ukraine had fought valiently for their home, quite frankly, against overwhelming odds.  They have recently sunk a Russian Flagship and have stopped the fight in Kiev.  Now the shift of the battle is moving to the east.  Their resistance is fierce.  Even when they should surrender, they would fight on.  They have that much love for their country.

There courage and heroics have really stirred my heart, and I have been following the war activities daily.  But today, on Resurrection Sunday, the day that represents Jesus defeating death and all other obstacles once and for all, I ran into this video below.  It's a Ukranian Marching Video, but it really got me thinking about their courage and their fight.  Listen to their song, and read the words.  These are mighty men and woman united fighting for their country. 

See the video below.


We are at war ourselves, but not with a physical enemy at present, but a spiritual one.  An enemy that wants to distract, occupy and keep our attention, while he slowly but surely attacks our foundations.  He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.  We have more power then all the power of the enemy.  
It's time to muster up our courage and engage in the battle, but victoriously.  Not physically but spiritually.  For the weapons of are warfare are not carnal...  1 Co 10:4-5
True Churches, it's time to not let our church denominational differences continue to keep us apart.  Imaging the body of Christ working together like it should be in the unity of the faith, not compromised but standing for the true gospel and the word of God.   How powerful would that annointed unity be?