Information Or Disinformation: That Is The Question

The Pandemic Proves To Be A Great Environment For The Great Reset

Pandemic Or Plandemic?  It makes you wonder.  Now nobody wishes anyone to be hurt or lose their life that we can agree on, but there are those in society that want to deal with the global population problem.  Those that do are realizing we are running out of space, and running out of food.  

Right now you can find out alot about "The Great Reset" which is an attempt by the World Economic Forum to utilize the opportunity of the pandemic to reset the way the global world does things.  They will reset it with the 

"theme of rebuilding society and the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic."

But what are they going to rebuild, and what are they going to reset?

If you read the article at length you will see that financial stabilization is involved, along with environmental and social governance.  

Would that include the recent emergency action of Canada to punish the truck drivers who wish to hold a protest to freeze certain financial accounts that they have?  Will that behavior come to America as well?

But then what other social conditioning will be applied?

Will be able to still have the right to congregate and meet in church and worship God?  Or can we do so as long as we do not get in the way of global thinking?

People of God really need to take these small changes seriously as things could change fairly fast and all the freedoms that we think we have will suddenly be gone and things will not be as they have been.  We need to really pray about this, and those that have the ability to take correct actions, do so.

Take a look at how Facebook is changing it's governance and what's new in Meta.

Major actions are occuring around us by different companies and we are being molded, along with pandemic behavioral modifications.  

So where is this going?  

Are these the elements of this global new world order beginning to show?  Very possible.

They have been talking about it for years  ie; President Bush Sr. , Kissenger 

Even on the back of the dollar bill it is clearly displayed.  The Latin Words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means "New World Order" shown in plain sight.  This is something that is being planned and is being brought about.

You think this is conspiracy theory perhaps?  Why would it be that if I am just presenting facts.  
For instance did you know there was a mini-UN for the Americas?  It is called the OAS or Organization of the American States.  It has been around for quite a while.  This is just one union, similar to the European Union just not as openly talked about.  Go ahead look at it yourself (OAS)and draw your own conclusions.