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Ukrainian Heroism

You can hear the heroism in their song, a refreshing strength and might. Oh, how Mighty the Church Could Be?


President Trump and Secretary Pompeo made to sound Hitler’s Cabinet

Unbelivable twisting of what President Trump is Accomplishing With His Cabinet Pay close attention to minitues 46.00 to 48.0 you will see the conversation change from English to ….


God is Certainly Not Dead, Rather, He is Surely Alive

Crandall Police Decides to Give God a Little Glory!!! Watch them Sing to God’s Not Dead.  


Alien Invasion is Imminent!

Here is a Fox News Report on Tucker Carlson of Military Sightings of UFO’s The Next Question Would Be, “Why Are They Here?” UFO rumors and stories have been around for some time.  The events always seem just out of reach or you can’t really pin them down but recently things are changing.  You are … Read moreAlien Invasion is Imminent!


Spring Cleaning – Swamp Cleaning

It’s Swamp Cleaning Time   When you think of it, there has been a lot going on in the last year with respect to America, Washington D.C. and the World.  We have had many terrorist attacks, school attacks, bombing attacks that seem to almost mimic the Unibomber.  We have had many resignations and firings in … Read moreSpring Cleaning – Swamp Cleaning